Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Love/Hate Link Up

I love summertime.
I hate the 100+ degree heat.

I love my girls and how smart little girls they are growing into.
I hate that they aren't babies anymore. I hate that their little cubby little thighs are gone.

I appreciate the $1 movies local theaters are providing.
I hate that we had to leave two theaters today because they were sold out.
I love Redbox for saving the day.

I love connecting with old friends ...especially ones that share their free zoo passes.
I hate that we don't get to catch up the entire time, while we chase our littles around.

Want to play along? Visit Noel at Beautiful Life here.


  1. Yikes, that sounds pretty HOT!!
    Ahhh those lils don't stay lil for very long. The chubby thigh was always a favorite of mine too.
    Wow! Really you have a $1 theatre ? That is awesome!
    And the zoo really is so great. Busy, but great.
    Sounds like you are having a great summer though.

    1. The summer has been fun!!!

      The $1 movies is a special summer thing. Just like free museum days, it is a madhouse. ;)

  2. Hi I am following you from the Love/Hate linkup from Beautiful Life and enjoyed your post. Its great you get such a great deal with the local theater, and I am also reluctant to see my kids grow up. My first just turned 8 and it amazes me how time flew.
    Hope you can follow back and check out my love/hate post.