Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ten Things for Thursday

Stolen straight from Rebecca at Unexplained X2  Here are my Ten Things for Thursday:

Ten things I love:
1. Date night with my husband last night.
2. Rib eye steak with crispy/fried onion strings, with sauteed onions and mushrooms underneath a healthy serving of melted cheese.
3. My house all decorated for Christmas.
4. That my girls might be on the cover of the weekly newspaper again (sitting on Santa's lap).
5. Friends that understand exactly what I'm going through as a mother.
6. Someone left out plain M&M's and peanut M&M's out in our production area at work.
7. Coming home from a long day at work, after a commute... and seeing our outside Christmas lights on.
8. My new jeans I bought last night with my birthday money.
9. A closing store sale where I was able to get a pair of ballet shoes for Ava at 50% off!
10. The way my girls love me and want me 24/7 and cry for me when I'm at work (even though I look forward to these days when I have my 'alone' time).

Ten things I hate:
1. Having to get up after my alarm goes off to go to work.
2. Tail gaters.
3. Evil co-workers that are out to make my life hell, yet act like they care.
4. Medical premiums.
5. My plans of cleaning the bathrooms tomorrow.
6. That it's almost Christmas-- I want another month with my tree and the magical of Christmas through my kids' eyes!
7. Thank you's via text message.
8. Cold coffee.
9. Barbie accessories.
10. Dog hair.

Ten things I don't give a *beep!* about:
1. What celebrities crave/hate/love about being pregnant. All women feel the all different kinds of strange things
2. Back stabbers that try to reconnect with me to haunt me.
3. CEOs.
4. The leaves that still sit in piles in my front yard. Knowing it bugs the hell out of my neighbor just makes me smile (he blows our leaves back onto our lawn).
5. How much I spent on the girls for Christmas, even though it's a lot more than I had really wanted to. It's about the magic, man!
6. Fairness amongst the other kids' presents we have to buy for Christmas.
7. Saying very loudly, "MERRY CHRISTMAS!" to every checker that wishes me "Happy Holidays!"
8. The playroom and the mess in it.
9. My unpolished toes.
10. The mess in the back seat of both of our cars. We have to kids. We commute. :)

Play along with Rebecca by clicking here.


  1. I need steak.

    Love new jeans.

    When I first read "tail gaters," I thought you meant people at football games! DUR!

    My car is a hole.

  2. Oh man, I just read an article in People (I think) where Ali Landry admitted that she loved every minute of giving birth, even the pain part. I was like, "Really? You're already beautiful with a perfect body and now you have to make the rest of us feel even more horrible??"

    I don't eat red meat often but a rib eye steak with fried onion strings, mushrooms and cheese sounds pretty darn good!!!!!