Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Perfect mommies

I follow a great blog, OMG Mom who I was introduced by one of my old coworkers. I stalk this blog because it makes me laugh. You should stalk it too. She's hilarious and real.

Today or the other day, she talked about perfect mommies and how people talk about how perfect their lives are when in fact, aren't they lying?? We all know these people. They've always been this way.

I am not perfect. No one is. And no one needs to post things on the Internet trying to reflect that their lives are perfect. It shows through like a sore thumb!!!!!!!!! Right?!

These mommy liars are the ones that say there child doesn't cry in public. Sleeps through the night at one week (okay maybe this happens, but really?), etc.

Our girls cry in public. Well of course they do! It's embarrassing! I remember specifically the other day in Safeway, Ava pulled a Rolo candy bar off of the shelf. And I said "no!" And she cried. Then she started to hit Emma. While they are both in the shopping cart with the pretend car in the front.. I could not access them. And I wasn't going to leave the line. And I wasn't going to buy the candy bar because I just bought one for them the other day (Ava justified it by telling me she's been peeing on the potty and I said ok).

Well this sweet soul of a mother of a teenager boy was ahead of us being checked out. I just let them cry and hit each other because they were stuck in between the candy and the check-out belt wall thingy. That teenager was starring at me!!!!! He had no clue why they were crying and really has no clue about being a father or about kids or whatever--right?! In my mind I was thinking-- oh my gosh, she must think I'm an awful mother because she's letting her kids cry and hit each other and scream. But no. After she got her receipt, she gave me a sweet smile and in her eyes told me I was doing the right thing with a reassuring look.

There needs to be more mothers like this. Because it happens. And when they are young like our girls are, you are raising them to be respectful humans. It's the groundwork. Right?

Cheers to screaming babies! Next time this happens, and you see it, give the mother or father a reassuring smile. They need it more than you know!

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