Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The first post........

Hmm... the first post! Welcome to my blog! I'm not really sure why I started to blog, except that I recently became addicted to MANY blogs via my co-worker. :) I visit thrifty blogs, mommy blogs (a lot of them!), family and friends' blogs, blogs I found on's Web site, and blogs I found on other people's blogs that they follow.

I love to go to the thrifty blogs to find free samples, free stuff and coupons. Oh my-- this momma is a coupon clipper. I love to visit mommy blogs... some that are serious and some that are down right-- hilarious! I have found a lot of great advice and have found that I'm not alone in this journey as a parent. I love to follow my family and friends' blogs and stalk them weekly to see what's new and to see beautiful pictures of their kids. I have also found other blogs.... of people I know nothing about, from other blogs I read. Friends of my friends or families... or ones that my co-worker pointed out to me.

I think the majority of my posts will be of funny things my kids do-- so that I can *try* to remember to write it in the baby book. My kids are pretty funny. Since they are so close in age-- they tend to fight A LOT. But recently, they tend to love each other A LOT. And I love them a lot. I talk about them constantly.

So here we go-- a blog where I can type/talk about my girls... constantly. :)

Here's a picture of them, eating an apple... (note: Emma managed to get the whole apple at one point-- and took a piece off, before Ava took it back), not fighting, in their PJ's... *almost* ready for bed.

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